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Company Logos- Top 5 Logo Design Companies

One of the most important and appreciable features of a new endeavor is the establishment of a business identity. That new, one-of-a-kind logo of yours is the key element of your business identity.

You can choose from a wide range of variety when it comes to the selection of logo design. It is important for the various components of a logo to blend in with each other in order to produce an influencing effect. And of course you need to be careful when making your choice because changing logos is bad for your wallet as well as the reputation of your company. Therefore, you should contact the best firm out there for logo design services.

Company Logos has tried to facilitate you in making a wise decision by reviewing and ranking the best logo design contest websites at hand. We anticipate that the reviews on this site will help you in the creation of a corporate image which you have always yearned for!

Logo Design Guru Leads the List!

You can expect Logo Design Guru to provide you with the best possible logo designs and that too at a price you set yourself! With an outstanding customer service, this logo designing company connects you with the some of the world’s best corporate artists and also offers money back guarantee. The website is attractive and it makes the entire designing process pretty simple. So, if you want an enticing logo for your business then we would highly recommend you to get it designed by Logo Design Guru!

Here are some of the other reasons why Logo Design Guru currently tops our rankings:

  • Commendable Experience

    During the last five years, Logo Design Guru has served many high profile clients including Top companies, US Military and Law Enforcement Agencies. For this very reason, it remains at the top amongst the various logo design companies. So, you should not be surprised if you find many of the most successful entrepreneurs talking about Logo Design Guru and recommending it to their peers!

  • Fabulous Logos

    The firm’s consistently high quality in designs has been recognized by a number of publishers such as Fortune Small Business and Entrepreneur Magazine to name two. In addition, Logo Design Guru has won numerous awards in the past and continues to do so today. The talent of its designers has also been recognized and ten wonderful logos have been selected to be included in the prestigious Logo Lounge Book, a publication that sets the standard for logo designers around the world.

  • Affordable Cost

    Affordable cost of obtaining impressive logo designs is another important factor that comes into play here. Because of the efficient business model that the company relies on, Logo Design Guru has been able to outdo rivals with its competitive pricing. The competitive edge acquired over the years is based completely on the experienced logo designers that the company has hired and successfully retained.

99designs Stands Second in Line…

Known for its professional logo design quality, 99designs has a designing team which comprises of designers from all over the world. This is one of the aspects which no other crowd sourcing company has! On top of that, the money you will be investing in this company will be surely worth when you will see them producing spectacular logos for you. So if your pocket does not allow you Logo Design Guru, then 99designs should definitely be your second best choice!

Here are some of the reasons which justify its standing on our site:

  • At 99designs you are required to pay $295 as the minimum logo bid, whereas, Logo Design Guru only charges $199;
  • As far as the minimum stationary bid is concerned, 99design charges $195. On the other hand, Logo Design Guru only expects you to pay $100 (surprising but true!).
  • Lastly, 99designs deduct 20% from the prize money as their prize handling fee while it is on 7.5% at Logo Design Guru.

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