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99Designs Review - The Right Place to Crowd Source your Logo Design

Being one of the most well known contest sites in the world of logo designing, the idea behind 99designs is solely based on crowd sourcing. So, if you are looking forward to get an enticing logo for that new business of yours, then getting help from 99designs should be the ultimate option for you!  Not only can this company help you with your logos, but it can also do wonders for your web designs, banners ads and merchandise designs.

Why Use 99designs?

Cost Effective Method of Completing Design Projects

If you belong to the lot of people who are new in this world of business then 99designs is the right stop for you. This site works through crowd sourcing. Simply put, designers from every corner of the world compete to create an attracting piece of art for the representation of your business. The money you will be spending here will usually be less than the amount you will have to pay to the professional designer your rival company hired. Plus, you get to choose from a wide variety of designs!

 Money Back Guarantee

If you decide to conduct a regular contest, then you become eligible to avail this particular feature! In a regular contest, if none of the concept designs please you, then you the right of discarding all those designs and getting your money paid back to you.

Simple and Easy

Contest holders get this area of project creation which is very simple and easy to understand/use. One of the best aspects of this company is that it gives you a rough number of design concepts that you should be looking forward to, as a contest holder, based on the money you have paid.

 Large Team of Quality Designers

Crowd sourcing will not be crowd sourcing if there is not a huge crowd involved. One feature that no other crowd sourcing company has, besides 99designs, is the massive pool of quality designers. Most of those designers are exceptionally good at their work. As a matter of fact, if you guarantee your contest then you can have as many as 1100+ designers working on your project!

How It Works?

If you are interested in holding a contest at 99designs, then prepare yourself to follow 3 major steps. First off, you will be required to hand over a design brief to designers which will include your design requirements.

Next, you will have to pick out one package from the variety of various packages starting from $295. If you opt for ‘custom’ price, then you have a chance to set up your own price for your particular package. Always remember that the higher the amount of prize money of your package, the more the designers working on your project.

Then, you will examine the variety of designs handed over to you by the designers working on your project. If you do not think they are up to the mark, then you can always ask for alterations. Once you get hold of a design which pleases you the most, you can conclude by awarding its designer with the prize money and get access to all the files containing your artwork.

On-Site Testimonials

  1. The magazine, Entrepreneur, discusses the benefits of crowd sourcing. 99designs is one of the nine companies in their list which, they think, has what it takes to reach to the top.

  3. The Wall Street Journal has an article published regarding Accel partners who have worked with 99designs in an Australian tech company. In the past nine months, this is the third deal of 99designs in an Australian company.

  5. A forum called, a user seems to be very pleased with the services offered by 99designs and he also found the design concepts to be very interesting.

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