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The NBA phenomenon is one of the biggest sports events looked forward for in North America. The logo of NBA is a simplistic and uncomplicated logo design comprising of only blue, red and white colors with a basket ball player and a dribbling ball. This logo was created in the year 1971 and is still used to date. The NBA is the professional basket ball league in North comprising of thirty teams. Out of which twenty nine belong to the US while only one participatory team is from Canada. The official player in the logo is Jerry West who is commonly known as Mr. Clutch. Jerry West is recorded to have broken his nose nine times while playing and more than often he had to be helped out of the court. Despite the lack of athleticism and height, Jerry West is regarded as the greatest player to have played as the guard on the basket ball court. Hence, Jerry West is the basketball player in the NBA official logo. The logo is modified an altered as per need.

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