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1 year ago
While I like these two, good grief, it’s a bit like watching paint dry. Would it be possible for this guy to actually give her a real power fuck? He can barely move his ass. What is he like 105 years old? She wants it for god sakes, so DRILL her, buddy!
Nerds 2 months ago
All these nerds saying 'fuck her hard' 'Power fuck her' you all would cum in seconds.

Actually half of you probably are virgins
Days 4 months ago
All this guys videos are quite boring.
9 months ago
she is so hot,, love her toes.. he is terrible,,,, she needs a good hard fucking mmmmm
Mr.Blackman 6 months ago
This dude can't fuck...She needs a Blackman to fuck her...because this dude is straight garbage...I can't believe she even let this dude have the privilege of having her..Very .SAD
10 months ago
Does anyone know her. Is she pregnant these days?
Agator69 1 year ago
What a amazing woman! Love how she spread her toes when she got into deep fckn! Her figure is fckn hot and I would definitely go back down on it after I busted nutt and come back up and give her a well deserved snowball kiss