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Bruh 2 years ago
This is legit my favorite video because it has my favorite positions; the way the dude fucks is just right with the switch between just grinding, pumping, and pounding like actual pounding to the point of hearing his balls slap against her; and the girl's moaning doesn't sound fake..well to me. I'm a bit of a sado-masochist so, as bad as this may sound, the fact that her moans are a little pained are a big turn on for me and it's just amazing..and kinda cute
3 years ago
Wish I had a boyfreind to make love with
La Woman 69 2 years ago
I love how rough he is with her and how submissive she is. You can tell he’s really into it and enjoying it more and she just takes it to make him happy. In my case I love when my boyfriend is rough and fucks me hard especially when he fucks my ass. I just let him do whatever he wants. It’s such an amazing feeling.
nah 3 years ago
oh damn i’m in love with him
Holy sheeeet 1 year ago
This turned me on so much, the way he carried on fucking her after he came to make sure she would too. Mhmf. Wish my husband would give me the fucking I deserve.
Janet. 1 year ago
Jesus I can't imagine what these guys must go through. All that pain and stress from the war. Constantly having backed up balls with no way to release. Getting legs blown off. Hot shrapnel burning and sticking to your skin getting shot. God what those soldiers would give to release their pain inside of a girls mouth. Or burst between our tits. My hubby loves pumping between my tits as I watch movies with soldiers screaming in pain in the background. God he cums so hard
Sophie 1 year ago
He is really strong and he fuck 10 minutes without stopping in missionary position. I wish I had like that boyfriend.
Lea7 2 years ago
What a great fuck
soldier lover 1 year ago
damn, i’d give that soldier the time of his life. he just fought to keep us safe and she’s laying there doing nothing. i’d be bouncing on his cock and giving him the best head of his life. in fact, when i’d pick him up i would make him drive and give him road head all the way back home.
amazigh 1 year ago
it's just amazing to fuck your wif lik that after a long desire